Thursday, July 26, 2012

Two Team Race To The Wire
Yanks Continue To Win, Face Tough Schedule

South Glens Falls - The Yanks breezed past Hi-Lo Thursday in the Forever Young league, knocking them from title contention. The league leaders followed a familiar formula, winning the opener by a small margin, then firing twin games in the 160s and coasting to a victory. The Yanks are 23-5 over the last seven sessions.

The Tomahawks will not go away. Don Williams shot 651 on games of 212, 248 and 191 and Roy Brady contributed 650 (235-184-231) for a sweep against the always-tough Marauders. Audrey Baker and Roger Nelligan bested their averages in each game, to no avail. The Tommies trail the Yanks by 5½.

The Singers saw their hopes of a title probably evaporate as they were upset 3-1 by P+C. Barb and Joe cling to third place, with all the money riding on next week's Yanks showdown. Trailing by 8½ may be too steep a hill to climb.

The CC's and Frosty + One played what is considered a suspended match. Gary Frost is scheduled to make up his absence, but for the time being his team won the match 2½-1½. Rookie sensation Nick Gebo used the opportunity to act as a pacer with Frosty leadoff man Patrick Scanlan and fired an outstanding 711 series on games of 248, 229 and 235.

The Racy Retirees swamped the slumping Librarians 4-0 behind Cathy Tracy's 189-470 effort. The Gamblers swept the vacancy as Mary Tessino rolled a sensational 497 set to pace the weekly ladies' scores.

The real action begins next week, as the league enters upon the final three Thursdays of play. A dozen points are available.

The Singers (28) take on the Yanks (36½) in the marquee contest, while both of the Tomahawks (31) will have to shoot 191 against the vacancy to earn their points. And that's just to whet your appetite.

Week 14 has the Yanks and Tomahawks doing battle. The final session is a position round - and, perhaps a rematch between the Tommies and Yanks.

High drama at Pine.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Four Weeks Of Heavy Lifting Ahead
Yanks Win, Tommies & Singers Loom

South Glens Falls - The Yanks remained atop the Forever Young league standings with a 3-1 victory against the Racy Retirees Thursday afternoon at Pine Lanes. Ingrid Basso once again put a well-above-average 163 game in the middle to pick up anchor Mark Basso and provide a tense ten-pin win in a crucial spot.

The Tomahawks brought out the brooms and swept P+C to move into second place, just 5½ points behind. Don Williams took the day's high honors with a 613 series on games of 216, 210 and 187. Partner Roy Brady was right there as well, with a pair of deuces included in a 591 effort.

The Singers bowled the vacancy and came away with three points and a virtual tie with the Tommies at 27-17. Joe Sycuro barely missed the 500 level with 494. The team made a fine comeback after coming up short in the opener.

The CC's pounded the Gamblers 4-0 as Chuck Boykin put 226 at the end of a fine 561 set. Carol Finkle set the standard for the ladies (as usual) with her 179-416.

Frosty + One beat Hi-Lo 3-1 thanks in part to rookie Patrick Scanlan's 183 second game, and The Librarians continued on their recent downward spiral - falling 4-0 to the Marauders. Roger Nelligan rolled a 173-495 for the winners.

There are four weeks remaining in the season. In two weeks, the Yanks face off against The Singers. Following that, they get the Tomahawks. The fifteenth week is a position round, so any predictions now certainly fall well within the margin of error.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Brady, Yanks Continue To Impress

South Glens Falls - The record book took a pounding Thursday afternoon as Roy Brady took high honors in the Forever Young league with a mistake-free 722 series on games of 268, 247 and 207. The single and triple were season-highs, just short of the 277-725 rolled in 2010 by teammate Don Williams. Williams added 213-204-178 for 595 as the Tomahawks took a 3-1 decision against the CC's. Chuck Boykin paced the losers with 202-184-193 (579).

The Yanks continued on their torrid streak, surviving a first-game scare to sweep The Librarians and maintain their 5½ point lead in the standings. Mark Basso had 184-518 and mom Ingrid finished up with a blistering 166 game for the winners. The Yanks are 16-4 over the past five sessions.

The Singers swept Frosty + One behind anchor Joe Sycuro's fine 194-535 to move into the runner-up spot alone. Hi-Lo took three from the Gamblers as Curt Williams fashioned a 232-577.

In other action, the Racy Retirees beat the Marauders 3-1 and the league welcomed a new sub, Nick Gebo, who responded with 643 (217-210-216) - pairing with Paul Pribis to get four points versus the vacancy.

Carol Finkle showed the way for the women with a 168 game, and Barb Trottier had 454 for the best series.

The league is now at the two-thirds mark, with five weeks remaining on the schedule (20 available points).

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Yanks Sweep; Add Three To Lead

Long Branch bartender Sam Noonan

South Glens Falls - The Yanks widened their breathing room from the top perch of the Forever Young league Thursday with a resounding 4-0 victory over Frosty + One. Leadoff Yank Ingrid Basso showed the way with 163-454. Her individual games were 30, 39 and 13 pins above her average. The spread between first and second place is now 5½ with six weeks (24 available points) remaining on the schedule.

The Tomahawks, The Singers and The CC's are all nestled in second place. The Tommies rolled over the Racy Retirees 3-1 behind Roy Brady and his season-high 655 on games of 235, 217 and 203. Anchor Don Williams contributed his third consecutive 600 or better series, a 613 on games of 211, 221 and 181.

The Singers dropped their match 3-1 to the Gamblers, who got an outstanding 223 and 177 effort from Phil Camp (548) in the second and third games to claim the win. Joe Sycuro rolled a steady 525 for the losers, with all games in the 170s.

The CC's took care of Hi-Lo by 3-1 with Chuck Boykin's 214-550 leading the way. Curt Williams had 191-534 for Hi-Lo.

Michele Gottlieb bowled all by her lonesome on lanes 13 and 14, taking The Librarians to a sweep over the vacancy via her amazing 207 finale. Her 499 set was tops for the ladies, as well.

P+C topped the Marauders in action further down the standings ladder.