Thursday, June 27, 2013

Brady (658), Williams (640) Hot As Tommies Surge
BSB Holding On As High-Noon Showdown Approaches

Same bullshit fifty years later...

South Glens Falls - The league-leading Boston Strong Balls had a bit of a slip Thursday as the Forever Young circuit neared the halfway point of the season at Pine Lanes. Tracy Clemmons and Patrick Scanlan faced the absent Head Pins and came away with only a 2-2 draw, bringing their record to a formidable 23-5. After dumping the first two games, BSB rebounded smartly to avoid disaster with Tracy (185) and Patrick (159) having their best games in the finale.

The Last Two are now 5½ back in second place after a 4-0 sweep against Fire And Ice. Linda Butler had an outstanding 190-179-154-523 effort in the defeat.

Third place to ninth is separated by a mere game-and-a-half. The Tomahawks (15½-12½) managed three points against the actual BYE team, with Roy Brady (231-170-257) and Don Williams (253-193-194) firing 658 and 640, respectively. The Tommies are tied with Leftover, who edged the Sir Bills 2½-1½ behind anchor Ray Davignon's 209-561.

The Lady Slippers and BCs are next at 15-13. The Lady Slippers couldn't follow up on last week's upset of the Tommies, dropping a 3-1 decision to Last Dance, who welcomed Phil Hack as Virginia Muller's newest partner. The BCs handily took care of business with a 4-0 nod over the vacationing Gutter Dusters. Chuck Boykin had 202-212-182 for 596 and teammate Bob George added 202-551.

The aforementioned Fire And Ice joins the Marauders and The Singers at an even .500 (14-14). The Marauders used their 47-pin handicap-per-game edge wisely, beating the struggling Yanks 3-1 despite Mark Basso's 196-218-573. The Singers bested C&P 3-1 in other action.

All trained FY fan eyes will be on July 11th's marquee showdown between BSB and the Toms. A strong dredger showing could cause the league to fold its tent early and just give Tracy and Patrick the crown. Williams and Brady have other ideas, however.

Brady improved his average to 207 and Williams stayed within earshot at 204. Davignon (195) and Floyd (190) are the other pair of keglers at or over 190.

Few problems surfaced as the league got its first taste of the new scoring system.

The will be no bowling next Thursday (July 4th).

Thursday, June 20, 2013

BSB Dredge Up Another Sweep
Boykin Lone Bowler Over 600

Lady Slippers Surprise Tommies

South Glens Falls - The seafaring duo of Boston Strong Balls ran their record to a gaudy 21-3 Thursday afternoon via a sweep of the Sir Bills. Patrick Scanlan paced the win with a steady 157-158-168 for 483.

The lead ballooned to seven games over Fire And Ice and the Lady Slippers. The Butlers were upset 4-0 by the BCs despite anchor Floyd Butler's decent 582 on games of 201, 198 and 183. The winners got 617 from anchor Chuck Boykin (194-208-215) and 194-533 from Bob George.

The Lady Slippers handled the Tomahawks pretty easily in a 3-1 shocker at the northern end. Mickey Michels was well above her average all three games, while Tommie stalwarts Roy Brady (204-560) and Don Williams (574) were pathetic.

The Last Two defeated the Marauders 3-1 and moved into fourth place alone. Leftover rode Ray Davignon's 203-189-202-594 and Chuck Winney's consistent 179-185-191-555 to a whitewash of Last Dance.

Joe Sycuro just missed 500, but never wavered with 167-166-164 for 497 as The Singers pasted the defending champ Yanks.

Lackluster attendance has left only six teams above the .500 level after six sessions.

The Last Two vs. Fire And Ice headline next week's matchups.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Brady Shoots Season-Best 703 In Tommie Draw
Boston Strong Balls Continue Assault On Standings

South Glens Falls - Roy Brady opened with eight consecutive strikes Thursday afternoon on his way to 263, then added 223 and 217 for a Forever Young season-high 703 - but, the Tomahawks were unable to capitalize despite anchor Don Williams' 235-234-639 effort as Leftover Ray Davignon put 217 and 242 at the end of a 628 series and leadoff man Chuck Winney threw a consistent 548 (188-181-179). The result was a 2-2 tie between the teams.

Boston Strong Balls (17-3) were victorious again, losing the first game and coming back for a 3-1 nod over Last Dance. Tracy Clemmons flirted with that magic 600 number with 237-596.

Fire And Ice took four points as the Pribis family were marked absent. Floyd Butler had a steady 567 (196-181-190) for the winners. Floyd and Linda are three behind the dredgers after five sessions.

Brady catapulted to a 209 average after his huge performance, with teammate Williams sitting at 205. Davignon is third (196) and Floyd fourth (194). Three keglers (Mark Basso, Bob George and Chuck Boykin) are all at or around 180.

Budding young superstar Cameron Mitchell made his FY debut as a pacer with 618 on games of 235, 187 and 196.

The Tomahawks and Lady Slippers meet in the marquee matchup next Thursday.