Thursday, May 28, 2015

Swinton (756), Williams (741) Star In Week 4 Action
Fire And Ice Still Lead; Boykin, Butler Shoot Mid-600s

South Glens Falls - Wyman Swinton began his Forever Young Thursday afternoon by leaving a 6-10. He converted that spare, then hammered 16 consecutive strikes before being stopped by a 7-pin. Another four-bagger produced 290-265. A final game of 201 brought his total to 756 - second-highest series in league history. His Leftover duo swept Pribis with the aid of Carol Finkle's finishing 202 sparkler.

A pair of lanes to the south, the guy who previously held that second-best set mark was putting together an excellent series of his own. Don Williams led the Tomahawks to a 3-1 win against the Galway Guys with 741 on games of 247, 237 and 257. Chuck Boykin prevented the sweep with 179-248-221 (648) for the losers.

Fire And Ice's stud anchor Floyd Butler threw another gem with 644 on games of 184, 215 and 245 as the league-leaders swept the Twisted Sisters under the FY rug.

Fire And Ice stay on top of the standings at 13-3 with Long-Short at 12-4 and the Tomahawks 11-5 after four sessions.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Williams-Butler Duel Ends In Draw
First 700 Of Summer, Average At 221 For Hadley Star

"Only won two after a 742?" Debbie asks

South Glens Falls - Don Williams fired the second-highest series in Forever Young history Thursday afternoon, fashioning a 742 on games of 248, 277 and 217. However, Floyd Butler, the bowler with that record (764 accomplished just last year) shot a steady 657 that began with a pair of 222s and ended with 213. As a result, Fire and Ice was able to offset Williams' feat except for the second game and come away with a 2-2 stalemate with the Tomahawks at Kingpin's Alley.

John Urban counted 214-190-180 for 584 as the Over The Hill Gang swept the previously league-leading Galway Guys. Chuck Boykin anchored the losing effort with 216-546. Mark Basso had a 231 in the middle of a 552 series, but his Yanks fell 3-1 against the Marauders - who welcomed back Audrey Baker from her winter hiatus.

Wyman Swinton rolled 542 on the bottom for Leftover in their 3-1 defeat at the hands of Long-Short. Roy Brady backed Williams' play with 192-531 and Mike White made his debut with 179-511 in a pacing role for the missing Pribis duo.

Fire and Ice sit atop the standings with a 9-3 record, followed by the Tomahawks and Long-Short at 8-4. The late-arriving pair of Phil Hack and Barb Arnold (North & South) sport eight wins and no losses and are technically fourth.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Swinton, Williams Lose/Win With 600s
Galway Guys, Fire And Ice Top Standings Board

"Gee, our old LaSalle ran great..."

South Glens Falls - Wyman Swinton rolled a league-best 655 on games of 211, 232 and 212 Thursday afternoon as the Forever Young league completed its second week. However, his exploits were neutralized by Ellen Marcantonio's outstanding 219-194-160 for 573 - leading the Twisted Sisters to a sweep of Wyman's Leftover.

Don Williams had the circuit's other 600+ effort, a 602 on games of 208, 182 and 212. That powered the Tomahawks past the always-tough Yanks 3-1. Roy Brady assisted with 243 at the back-end of his 572 set.

Chuck Boykin and Floyd Butler came within a whisker of the 600 plateau. Chuck went 224-168-202 for 594 and Floyd had 207-180-203 for 590. The Galway Guys beat Vic & Jim 3-1 while Fire And Ice swept Pribis, creating a two-way tie at the top of the standings at 7-1 for each winning team.

Next week's marquee match looks like Fire and Ice (7-1) vs. Tomahawks (6-2).

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Brady Blasts 681, Three Others In The 600s
Third-Game 277 Paces Tommie Comeback Triumph

South Glens Falls - Opening week of the seventh edition of the Forever Young league at Kingpin's Alley saw a re-match between last season's top two teams, the defending champion Wombats and the Tomahawks. After a solid 55-pin thrashing by Erica Sampson (220) in the first game and four consecutive open frames from Tommie star anchor Don Williams to begin the second, a 'down-under' sweep looked likely. Despite Erica's follow-up 199, the Toms were able to pull out an all-important victory as Roy Brady fashioned a 232 and Williams threw seven strikes in a row to finish with 214 and a 17-pin win. The writing was on the wall, and Brady put five in front and six behind a 3-6-10 spare for a whopping 277 finale and a 3-1 Tomahawk verdict. Roy ended with a league-best 681 on games of 172, 232 and 277 while Williams added 649 (234-214-201). Erica finished with an outstanding 570 series.

Floyd Butler shot 221-235-182 for 638 in Fire and Ice's 3-1 win against the Marauders, who were minus Audrey Baker. Chuck Boykin's 200-242-193 for 635 powered the Galway Guys to a sweep over Pribis, and the Vic & Jim duo did what they had to in bowling against the BYE team. Wyman Swinton came close to the coveted 600 mark with 175-206-215 for 596.

Mark Basso and John Urban tallied the league's other 500+ sets with 532 and 528, respectively.

Vic & Jim square off versus the Galway Guys in a big Week 2 pairing. The Yanks (2-2) draw the Tomahawks.