Thursday, June 16, 2016

Pair Of 700s Highlight Week 6 Action
Floyd (725), Wyman (700) Fuel Sweeps

South Glens Falls - Floyd Butler blistered the new pins at Kingpin's Alley Thursday afternoon with a season-high 725 series on games of 244, 214 and 267 as Fire and Ice beat the absent Twisted Sisters 4-0.

Wyman Swinton went 258-204-238 for an even 700 in Leftover's sweep against the Pepins.

George Bristol had the circuit's third 600 or better set, a 627 on games of 189, 205 and 233 as Sandy & George bested Team Trudeau 3-1.

Sandy & George have a three-point lead after six weeks of competition with an 18-6 record. Fire and Ice, Leftover and the Islanders are tied for second at 15-9.

Tomahawks (13-11) season totals:

Bowler  Games    Total Pins   Single   Series   600+   200+   Average 
Roy Brady 18 3,611 236 668 3 10 200
  Don Williams   18 3,666 237 665 4 13 203

Forever Young standings and stats can be accessed here.

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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Sandy & George Re-Take First Place After Week 5
Williams (665) Leads Pack Of Five With 600+ Sets

Chuck Boykin

South Glens Falls - Don Williams paced the Forever Young league Thursday afternoon with a 665 series on games of 205, 223 and 237 and with help from partner Roy Brady's 215-216-171 for 602, led the Tomahawks to a 2-2 draw against the Country Girls.

Wyman Swinton opened with a putrid 159 but righted the ship with subsequent 247 and 213 games for 619 as Leftover beat the Islanders 3-1. Chuck Boykin had a similar effort with 159-256-193 for 608 in the Galway Guys' sweep of Team Macey.

Floyd Butler had the fifth set above the coveted 600 mark with 605 on games of 231, 192 and 182.

Sandy & George are atop the leaderboard at 15-5 with the Tommies right there at 13-7. The Islanders (12-8) are best in a pack of seven teams with double-digit wins.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Toms Stumble, But Take Share Of Lead
Brady, Williams, Bristol Only Keglers Over 500 On Down Day

"What did you expect? Marry my daughter?"

South Glens Falls - Roy Brady somehow managed a league-best 589 on games of 214, 161 and 214 Thursday afternoon at Kingpin's Alley as the Forever Young league struggled on all fronts after a scheduled lane maintenance weekend at the facility.

Teammate Don Williams started with 159 and added 213 and 182 for 554 for runner-up honors, but the pair's output wasn't enough to stop a 3-1 Tomahawk defeat against Team Trudeau.

Despite the loss, the Tommies settled into a three-way tie for the top spot in the standings, as Sandy & George were swept and the Islanders did some sweeping of their own. All have 11-5 records at the quarter-mark of the season. George Bristol had the circuit's other 500, a 187-178-507.

The late-arriving Team Macey sit at 10-2 with four squads tied at 8-8.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Dynamic Duo Lead Toms To Victory Again
Williams, Brady Deliver 1-2 Punch Against Former League Leaders

South Glens Falls - Don Williams and Roy Brady led the Tomahawks to an important sweep of Leftover Thursday afternoon at Kingpin's Alley as the Forever Young league completed its third week of competition.

Williams tallied 630 on games of 202, 221 and 207 while Brady registered 204-169-226 for 599.

Floyd Butler put 214 and 207 on the sheet after opening with 162 for 583, but it wasn't enough as Fire and Ice lost 4-0 against Sandy & George. John Urban fired 247-197-200 for 644 in a sub capacity for Twisted Sisters in their 3-1 triumph over the Galway Guys.

Sandy & George are in first place at a gaudy 11-1, followed by the Tommies at 10-2. The Wombats, Leftover, Islanders and Team Macey are all even at 7-5.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Brady, Williams Spark Tomahawk Triumph
Swinton Still En Fuego; Marcantonio Paces Softer Side

South Glens Falls - Roy Brady shot 668 on games of 236, 234 and 198 to lead the Tomahawks to a 3-1 victory over Twisted Sisters Thursday afternoon in Week 2 Forever Young action at Kingpin's Alley. Teammate Don Williams contributed 634 on games of 220, 200 and 214. Ellen Marcantonio had 214-177-180 for 571 to pace the losers.

Last week's star Wyman Swinton tailed off to 174 in the finale after opening with 246 and 224 for 644 in Leftover's 3-1 win against The Wombats.

Other outstanding efforts included 226 from Chuck Boykin, 225 from Floyd Butler (568) and 219 from George Bristol.

Leftover sits atop the standings at 7-1, tied with Sandy & George. The Tommies and Islanders are a game back.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Swinton's 719 Highlights Leftover Victory
Four Go 600+ In FY Opening Week

South Glens Falls - Wyman Swinton fired an outstanding 719 series on games of 247, 235 and 237 to lead Leftover to a sweep of the Marauders as the Forever Young season kicked off its 2016 season Thursday afternoon at Kingpin's Alley.

Other stellar scores were turned in by the dynamic duo of Roy Brady and Don Williams, who shot 215-612 and 231-604 respectively in the Tomahawks' 3-1 win against Fire and Ice. Floyd Butler paced the losers with 229-613.

Erica Sampson led the distaff side with 204 in the middle of her 504 set for The Wombats, who beat Twisted Sisters by a 3-1 count.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Floyd Puts On The Finishing Touches With Lone 600
Records Fall; Williams Ends At Historic 219 With Four 700 Series

South Glens Falls - Floyd Butler capped a stellar summer performance Thursday afternoon on the Kingpin's Alley lanes with a closing 674 series on games of 226, 234 and 214 in a Fire And Ice sweep of the Yanks. The championship already clinched, Floyd paced the dynamic Butler duo to a finishing 45-15 record, six points clear of the runner-up Long-Short pair of Vic Corbisiero and Jim McGrath. Long-Short swept the Tomahawks to secure second place. Don Williams managed 189, 179 and 224 for 592 in the Tommie defeat.

Bowling 15 weeks (45 games), Floyd shot a record 13 series above 600 with two in the 700s. He tallied 32 200+ games and averaged 215 - six pins above the previous league-best 209 set by Roy Brady in the inaugural 2009 season.

Williams threw a dozen 600s (four in the 700s) and a record 38 games in the 200s. His 219 average is now the all-time best.

Wyman Swinton finished with the third-highest average at 202, the high single with 290 and series with 756.

Tomahawks (34-26) final season totals:

Bowler  Games    Total Pins   Single   Series   600+   200+   Average 
Roy Brady 45 8,698 277 684 4 15 193
  Don Williams   45 9,899 277 742 12 38 219

Forever Young standings and stats can be accessed here.

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Fire And Ice Clinch Title Behind Floyd’s 735
Brady, Swinton Register 600s

South Glens Falls - Floyd Butler put the finishing touches on a championship-clinching party Thursday afternoon at Kingpin’s Alley with huge games of 220, 268 and 247 for 735. The resultant 4-0 sweep for Fire And Ice gave them a stellar 41-15 record and the 2015 Forever Young title.

Roy Brady shot 191-177-256 for 624 as the Tomahawks fell 3-1 to Team Adirondack and out of contention. Anchor Don Williams added 196-203-200 for 599. Mike White paced the winners with 213-191-189 for 593.

Wyman Swinton carded the league’s other 600 series, 620 on games of 201, 247 and 172.

Williams’ average fell to 221. Floyd jumped to 215 and Wyman remained at 203.

Friday, August 7, 2015

A Fourth Williams 700 Pulls Toms Within Four
Floyd’s 696 Gets Draw For Fire And Ice

South Glens Falls - Don Williams manufactured his fourth 700 series of the Forever Young season Thursday afternoon at Kingpin’s Alley, a nifty total of 700 even on games of 236, 217 and 247 in the Tomahawks’ 3-1 victory over Pribis. Roy Brady added 190-183-201 for 574 in the important win.

Floyd Butler led Fire and Ice to a 2-2 draw against Leftover with 244-255-194 for 696. Wyman Swinton paced the opposition with 601 on games of 222, 183 and 196. John Urban tallied a fine 227-183-568 for the Over The Hill Gang in their sweep of the BYE team.

Fire and Ice at 37-15 faces Boston Strong Balls next week while the Tommies (33-19) get Team Adirondack. The Week 15 position round follows.

Williams raised his average to 223. Floyd to 212 and Wyman remained at 203.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Williams Fires 706 As Tommies Roll
Fire And Ice Lead Dwindles To Five As Floyd And Basso Duel

South Glens Falls - Don Williams fired his third 700 series of the short summer season Thursday afternoon for the Tomahawks, a 706 masterpiece on games of 245, 213 and 248 - and with 184-241-187 (612) assistance from Roy Brady, the Tommies demolished Twisted Sisters 4-0. Once the smoke had cleared, the Toms had pulled into a second-place tie with Long-Short. The pair are five points back with three weeks left on the schedule.

Season-long league-leading Fire and Ice suffered a rare 1-3 hiccup courtesy of the Yanks as Mark Basso soloed his way to 190-229-204 for 623, offsetting F&I anchor Floyd Butler's normal 626 on games of 231, 194 and 201.

Fire and Ice is still a gaudy 35-13 atop the standings board, but their lead doesn't look quite as safe. The Butlers' next opponent is the strong Wyman Swinton-led Leftover, while the Tommies get Pribis - who are seldom in attendance.

Williams raised his average to 222. Floyd remains at 211 and Wyman fell to 203.