Thursday, August 12, 2010

Forever Young Report
Tommies Fade, Fade, Fade Away

South Glens Falls - The Tomahawks completed a 1-11 final three weeks getting swept by P + C Thursday afternoon, dropping all the way from first to fourth in the final standings of the Forever Young league. The winners ended up capturing the circuit crown by a comfortable three games over the Gruesome Twosome.

Needing only a draw after the Twosome and the Karaoke Kids eliminated themselves early, the Toms ran out of luck by leaving eleven splits between them. Don Williams and partner Roy Brady rolled nearly identical sets, each counting eleven strikes and fourteen spares, but the splits proved their downfall.

Following a 38-pin P + C opening win, the Toms dug their own grave deep with a second-game 52-pin thrashing. Leadoff Paula Hayes tallied 187 to actually beat Brady scratch. Anchor Chuck Boykin saved his best for last, a 185 that provided another victory, this one by seven pins.

While all this was happening, the Twosome and Kids were splitting their four points to both hop over our Toms. "We were never in it, never even competitive," remarked a sullen Brady following the match. "Normally, what we did would have been enough," Williams added. "However, with Paula and Chuck see-sawing 180 games, one of us had to break out, and neither of us could. Congrats to them, they deserved it."

Williams won the Triple Crown with a 207 average, a 277 single and 725 triple. Brady took the TC last year. The pair have bowled as teammates on five teams over the past two years, and have yet to win a championship. "We've bowled around 800 games over that span, with and against each other," Williams said. "We'd like to get a title before we hit that thousand mark, for sure."

Final stats:

Bowler  Games     Pins     Average   600+   200+   Single   Series 
   Roy Brady    42 8,435 200 7 23 256 684
   Don Williams    42 8,724 207 8 24 277 725