Thursday, July 30, 2015

Williams Fires 706 As Tommies Roll
Fire And Ice Lead Dwindles To Five As Floyd And Basso Duel

South Glens Falls - Don Williams fired his third 700 series of the short summer season Thursday afternoon for the Tomahawks, a 706 masterpiece on games of 245, 213 and 248 - and with 184-241-187 (612) assistance from Roy Brady, the Tommies demolished Twisted Sisters 4-0. Once the smoke had cleared, the Toms had pulled into a second-place tie with Long-Short. The pair are five points back with three weeks left on the schedule.

Season-long league-leading Fire and Ice suffered a rare 1-3 hiccup courtesy of the Yanks as Mark Basso soloed his way to 190-229-204 for 623, offsetting F&I anchor Floyd Butler's normal 626 on games of 231, 194 and 201.

Fire and Ice is still a gaudy 35-13 atop the standings board, but their lead doesn't look quite as safe. The Butlers' next opponent is the strong Wyman Swinton-led Leftover, while the Tommies get Pribis - who are seldom in attendance.

Williams raised his average to 222. Floyd remains at 211 and Wyman fell to 203.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Status Quo For Leaders As Finish Line Comes Into View
Butler, Williams Continue To Crank Out Monster Scores

Double-secret probation

South Glens Falls - Floyd Butler and Don Williams threw the only 600 sets in Thursday's Forever Young action at Kingpin's Alley. Floyd got progressively better with 205, 226 and a finishing 255 for 686 while Williams tallied 206, 242 and 226 for 674. Each was instrumental in leading their team to 3-1 victories as the FY entered the crucial final weeks of play.

John Urban nearly made 600, falling a couple pins shy on 196-186-216 for 598 opposite Floyd. Williams' partner Roy Brady shot 232 and 206, then collapsed to end at 596. Wyman Swinton put 233 in the middle of 560 against Williams.

George Bristol started 195-198 to get to 554 for Boston Strong Balls as they beat Team Adirondack 3-1. Mike White subbed for Barb Arnold again and pitched 524 in North & South's shutout of The Wombats. Mark Basso's 514 paced the Yanks to a 4-0 win against the Pepins, and Carol Finkle joined Wyman's attempt versus the Tomahawks with 170-190-150 for 510.

Fire and Ice maintained their seven-point edge over Long-Short, who also went 3-1 against an absent Pribis duo. The lead over the Tommies is still eight. Four weeks remain on the schedule, meaning sixteen available points.

Williams raised his average to 221. Floyd sits at 211 and Wyman at 204.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Fire And Ice Lead Cut To Seven With Loss
Williams (653), Swinton (626) Top Scoring

South Glens Falls - Don Williams once again paced the Forever Young bowlers Thursday afternoon with 653 on games of 214, 234 and 205 - but the Tomahawks fell 3-1 to the BYE team, seriously crippling their title hopes with just five sessions left.

Wyman Swinton managed the league's other 600+ series, a 626 on games of 188, 224 and 214 in Leftover's 3-1 victory over the Pepins.

Fire and Ice suffered a rare defeat, 3-1 at the hands of Long-Short, who moved into second place as a result.

The Butlers (Fire and Ice) are still on top of the standings with a 31-9 record, with Long-Short seven back and the Tommies trailing by eight.

Williams leads the average listing with 220. Floyd Butler is at 209 and Swinton at 206. Chuck Boykin and Roy Brady are next with 196 and 192, respectively.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Fire And Ice Holds Serve With 24 Points Left On Table
Williams Blasts 669; Swinton, Butler In 600+ Territory

South Glens Falls - Don Williams led the Forever Young bowlers Thursday afternoon at Kingpin's Alley with 669 on games of 218, 250 and 201 - pacing the Tomahawks to a 3-1 victory over Boston Strong Balls and keeping the Toms within shouting distance of Fire and Ice.

The league leaders got another strong outing from Floyd Butler, a 605 via 175-224-206 to beat the undermanned Galway Guys 3-1. Wyman Swinton had 258 at the end of 620 as Leftover was able to gather the required four points versus the BYE team.

After nine sessions, Fire and Ice (30-6) leads the Tommies (22-14). Long-Short sits another point behind, followed by a gap of only 4½ among the next eight teams.

Williams remained at 221 to head the averages. Floyd dropped to 211 and Wyman stayed at 206. Chuck Boykin fell from the exclusive 200+ club, dipping to 198.